What Is an Eagle in Golf? Learn Everything You Need!

There are a plenty of terms utilized in golf. In the event that you’re new to golf and hear a term, for example, “bird“, you may be scratching your head. What is a hawk in golf, and is it something you ought to take a stab at?

What is a bird in golf? A hawk in golf is a score that is accomplished when you are 2-under standard. For instance, you want to do it in one stroke to score an “bird” on a standard 3 opening and two strokes on a standard 4 opening. A hawk is a decent mark of cutting edge interactivity and is ordinarily not accomplished until the expert level.

A bird in golf would one say one is of the most wanted scores, yet what is it precisely? If you have any desire to find out about what a hawk implies in golf, continue to peruse. This article will investigate the meaning of a bird in golf, how to score one, and why you ought to attempt it.

What is a Golf Eagle?

An “hawk” in golf implies a score 2-under standard on each opening.

This golf term is truly straightforward. Everything to be aware to get the same strokes you really want to focus to get a hawk score on a specific opening is the standard.

As you might have known as of now, each opening on a course is doled out a standard. Standard essentially goes from 3 to 6, with the last option being interesting. Thus, to recognize the number of strokes you that would have to restrict yourself to get a bird is to simply deduct the standard by 2. The following is your legend.

What number of strokes do you have to score a hawk in golf?

Following the 2-under standard definition, to score a bird, you would have to sink the golf ball in:

A solitary stroke on a standard 3 opening – which on the off chance that you make is really called an opening in-one
2 strokes on a standard 4 opening

3 strokes on a standard 5 opening

4 strokes on a standard 6 opening

Where does the term bird come from?

The beginning of the term falcon has something to do with the origination of the expression “birdie.” As you can judge by these two terms, they follow an avian subject. So looking back, golf players in those days just finished once the birdie articulation was laid out.

How uncommon is a falcon in golf?

Creating falcon in golf can be a test and would require outright golf ball moving abilities on the course to accomplish. You must be a long hitter who crushes golf drives with most extreme power. However, we are not offering this expression to deter you from attempting.

However, assuming you at any point truly do attempt to hold back nothing, better pursue for it on par-5 or standard 6 openings. Standard 5 and 6 permits you leeway, while standards 3 and 4 are simply excessively close.

What’s the significance here to get a hawk in golf?

You are an infamous golf player in the event that you really do make falcons like a machine.
Truly, however, it tends to be a major lift to your certainty while draining your rivals’.

Additionally, the more you make birds implies the lower your golf score will be, the better your possibilities dominating the match.

What’s more, you are as of now not a normal golf player on the off chance that hawk is something you score frequently.

On Which Standard is a Hawk Shot Generally Normal?

A falcon shot is most regularly made on a 5-standard. Why? There are a couple of reasons, in fact.

With a 5-standard falcon shot, you are permitted up to three strokes. With additional space for slip-ups and disasters, there is a higher opportunity that you will actually want to accomplish a falcon shot.

A 5-standard considers the right strokes for a hawk. Beside the number game, a 5-standard will permit you to make the “right” strokes to accomplish a bird. For instance, begin with a lengthy drive and utilize the second shot to move the ball onto the green. Then, you’re a short putt away from a falcon shot.

With additional capacities for interactivity and an ideal setting for progress, a 5-standard is some place that fledglings ought to consider making a falcon shot. Here is a magnificent video displaying how Rickie Fowler sets up his bird shot on a 5-standard:

Here you can see how man is showing very properly everything!

Taking into account that somebody can effectively score a hawk on a 5-standard, there is motivation to accept that a 6-standard is likewise open for fledglings and beginner golf players the same. Shooting a bird on a 6-standard considers an additional stroke, which is exceptionally helpful – particularly while initially beginning in the realm of golf.

Step by step instructions to Have a Falcon Chance on More limited Openings:
While it is a lot more straightforward to score a falcon shot on a 5-standard or 6-standard, it doesn’t imply that scoring a hawk on a 3-standard or 4-standard is inconceivable. The following are a couple of tips to assist you with finding lasting success.

To shoot a falcon on a 4-standard, the objective is to raised a ruckus around town onto the green on your underlying tee shot.

From that point, you can take an extra stroke to make it into the opening.
To shoot a hawk on a 3-standard, you will basically have to shoot an opening in-one.
What is a Twofold Hawk in Golf?
There is likewise a term in golf known as the “twofold falcon”. Furthermore, as you might naturally suspect, it is like the normal single “falcon” shot. One more name for the twofold falcon is a gooney bird. To accomplish a gooney bird, you should shoot three shots beneath the opening.

A twofold falcon is fundamentally more uncommon than a solitary hawk. That is on the grounds that you need to play on a 4-standard, 5-standard, or 6-standard. To accomplish a twofold hawk, you should do the accompanying:

For a 4-standard opening, in a solitary stroke (otherwise called an opening in one)
For a 5-standard opening, in two strokes
For a 6-standard opening, in three strokes
While a twofold falcon isn’t normal, it isn’t unimaginable, all things considered. Nonetheless, a twofold falcon is undeniably more normal in proficient hitting the fairway. For instance, this video features the ten best twofold bird shots in the PGA – not something you would see at your nearby green.

And a Condor?

It doesn’t stop at the twofold bird. You can likewise go above and beyond and accomplish a triple bird, generally alluded to as a “condor”. With regards to the expression “condor” in golf, it basically alludes to scoring four under on an opening. All things considered, a condor is just practical on a 5-standard or 6-standard opening.

A condor shot is perhaps of the most improbable score in golf, albeit certain individuals accomplish it.

To score a condor, you would need to make an opening in one of the 4-standards or score in only two strokes on a 6-standard. Obviously, this isn’t something that happens frequently, and keeping in mind that you can take a stab at it, you might need to begin at a solitary bird shot.


Now, you successfully know what a golf eagle is and how it can up your game and lead you to the win. If you still have questions about what an eagle is in golf, check out these frequently asked questions below.

What is an eagle in golf terms?

In golf terms, an “eagle” refers to a specific type of shot that is 2-under the par. To figure out how to score an eagle, you will need to take the number of par (five, for example) and subtract it by two. If it’s a 5-par, an eagle would consist of three strokes.

What are a birdie, a bogey, and an eagle?

Now that you are learning about the term “eagle” in golf, you might be curious about other popular terms such as “birdie” and “bogey.” Well, a birdie refers to 1-under par (rather than the eagle, which is 2-under). A bogey is a 1-over par.


How many hits is an eagle in golf?

The amount of hits in an eagle in golf solely depends on the number par. For a 3-par, an eagle would be a single stroke. A 4-par would allow for two strokes. A 5-par would allow for three strokes. A 6-par would allow for four strokes. It’s simply the number par minus two.

What is a birdie in golf terms?

When you score a birdie in golf, you are striking 1-under par. So, if you are shooting on a 3-par hole, you will have two shots to make it into the hole. BTW if you like to watch youtube short videos look HERE.

What is an ostrich in golf?

Ostrich is another term used in golf. It can only be achieved when playing on a 6-par hole. That’s because ostrich refers to someone that strikes 5-under. So, since ostrich refers to five under, the only associated par acceptable is a 6-par.


A hawk shot is positively something that each golf player ought to take a stab at. It is an extraordinarily noteworthy stroke in golf and means 2-under standard. The quantity of strokes will change contingent upon how much standard. For instance, a 6-standard falcon shot can have up to four strokes, while a 3-standard will take into consideration only one stroke.

While it is a somewhat troublesome stroke to accomplish, learning a hawk shot can upgrade ongoing interaction. To such an extent that it can eventually prompt more wins as you destroy your rivals with a lower score.

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