Best Golf Pull Carts 2022

While many of us may not realize it or acknowledge it directly, walking a round of golf is a luxury of life that allows us to become more physically fit while also getting closer to nature.

Anytime I choose to walk instead of ride a cart, I seem to remember more details about the golf course, burn more calories, and generally feel better after the round and on a daily basis from the cardio, I receive from my consistent rounds walked. As a player, I stay more engaged/focused with every shot and most definitely stay more loose approaching my next shot from walking. Through a desire to put less strain on my back and joints while not wanting to give up on the fitness boost I’m seeing from walking my rounds, I found the golf push cart market.

If you’re serious about staying active and fit through a walking golf lifestyle, a quality push cart might be the perfect addition to your golfing toolbox. The best golf push carts on the market today are agile, extremely lightweight, and generally make walking rounds a better experience of their ease and convenient features. We factor in the braking system, storage space, folded size, maneuverability, stability, and many other aspects of each cart into our list in hopes of providing you with as many great options as possible.

In our opinion, the best golf push cart of the 2022 season comes from a golf bag and equipment brand that’s been around since 1946, “BagBoy,” and their Bag Boy TriSwivel II. We’re sure you’ll enjoy every pick on our list, as each cart has something unique to offer players.


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image-removebg-preview (1) Foldable 4 Wheel Golf Pull Cart Color: Green Check Price
image-removebg-preview (2) SereneLife Golf Push Cart Color: Blue Check Price
image-removebg-preview (3) MULLIGÄN Golf Push Cart Color: Black
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Brands like Motocaddy, Stewart Golf, BagBoy, Sun Mountain, Powakaddy and other driving brands have produced, refined and created push trucks, electric trucks and, surprisingly, controller golf trucks to make the occupation of strolling the green more helpful and, significantly, simpler on the body. While electric models sit on the tree with regards to golf innovation, the push truck market has many brands offering one of a kind and excellent trucks. In any case, why explicitly could you pick a drive haul away the best electric golf streetcars?

First off, push trucks are substantially less costly. In the event that your financial plan for a golf truck is under $450, you’ll be needing to go for a push truck. Push trucks additionally easier to set up when you get to the course and require less fight as there’s no batteries to stress over. They likewise have incredible capacity choices on the handle of the frame that can house your balls, tees, scorecard and different things.

MULLIGÄN Golf Push Cart

UP YOUR GOLF GAME WITH A LIGHT, CONVENIENT 4 WHEEL GOLF PUSH CART PERFECT FOR MOVING AROUND WITH ALL YOUR GOLFING ESSENTIALS Walking the fairway just got a lot simpler. Rather than conveying your clubs, water, and different embellishments, keep everything in one spot.

After finding insturtions in a zipped pouch it was an easy learn curve to assembly and alinement.

Great product!

Comment from Amazon

MULLIGAN’s golf club truck is strong, solid, but lightweight enough for anybody to push it across the field without any problem. Worked from premium quality aluminum, this golf push truck with seat effectively holds golf clubs, beverages, rewards and different basics! We’ve incorporated an umbrella holder to keep you shielded from sun and downpour, a club brush for simple upkeep, a comfortable seat and a holder for your pop, water, or espresso.

Effectively customizable and foldable, this pull golf truck can be utilized serenely by anybody. Save your energy for your shots! Intended to convey style and comfort, our golf trucks will work on each outing to the course and are an unquestionable necessity for any enthusiastic golfer. If you want you can see the item on the Amazon just click HERE. Item FEATURES Lightweight Black Golf Pull Cart Ergonomic Handle with Adjustable Handle Aluminum Frame with Black Powder Finish 4 Wheels (Color Green) Weight – 10kgs Foldable Golf Walking Cart PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Length – 36cm Width – 36cm Height – 64cm PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Golf Cart 1 Umbrella holder 1 Seat 1 Club Brush OUR PROMISE

MULLIGAN is focused on the nature of our items and offering the most ideal client assistance. In the event that you definitely disapprove of your request or item if it’s not too much trouble, get in touch with us immediately so we can ensure you leave a blissful client.

GREAT thing about this pull cart is its size. Now, I will share a image where you can see how easy it can fits in your back in the car.

SereneLife Golf Push

Down there are all main things that you need to know about this item.

  • New Deluxe 4-Wheel AI Frame Trolley
  • Includes Foot Brake for Rear Wheel
  • With Handle Brake to Control 360° Swivel for Front Wheel
  • Upper and Lower Bracket with Elastic Strap
  • TPE Handle Grip
  • Push Button SysteErgonomic Padded Adjustable Handlem
  • Includes Cup Holder, Scorecard Holder, and Patented Bag Holder Simple Quick Braking System
  • Convenient Storage and Cooler

FOOT/HANDLE BRAKE: The lightweight push truck walk golf truck highlights foot brake for back tire and handle brake to control 360° turn for front wheel. Keeps the truck from moving away when left. Likewise prepared w/new exclusive scorecard and cup holders

Metal ball WHEELS: SereneLife golf trucks push pull golf pack roller truck are prepared w/four metal roller wheels that gives balance and simple versatility on the course and foothold on a wide range of landscape for a smooth roll

MADE TO LAST: The golf push trucks 4 wheel collapsing golf pushcart is made w/substantial aluminum outline development material and prepared w/upper/lower sections w/versatile tie and protected pack holder. Highlights minimized size for simple capacity and transport. If you want to see it on Amazon just click HERE!!!

My buddy recommended this product and it did not disappoint. Well worth it!1. Easy to assemble and to use.2. Well thought out when designed.3. Sturdy and Stable.4. Most importantly golf bag will sit upright, so you don’t have to fight with your clubs.

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Foldable 4 Wheel Golf Pull Cart

This golf trucks develops a strong aluminum outline with a steady construction. 4 EVA wheels give superb equilibrium, 10.5 inch wheels can run as expected on any territory, and the back tires have foot brakes. The level of the handle can be effortlessly changed in accordance with suit various situations, with an umbrella stand and a cup holder, as well as a golf stockpiling box and a stockpiling pack. This golf truck is an incredible decision for fledglings and golf side interests. You can also watch this short clip which explain the item.

One Step Open/Fold Mechanism】With a straightforward button component, golf push truck can be collapsed in 1 stage to conservative size(24″ x 17″ x 11″), and weight of golf truck is approx 16 lbs. You can remove the wheels in seconds to save extra space, the truck can be not difficult to stockpiling and transport without any problem.
Speedy Foot-Brake System 】Large 10.5″ back and 9.5″ front upkeep free wheels gives balance and simple versatility on the course. Simply have to tap the brake pedal with your foot to draw in and discharge the brake.
Level Adjustable Handle】This TPE handle with 5 level is intended for various pushing positions and clients of various levels, the flexible reach is 37-43inch, 17 inch wide body plan for easy pushing.
Tough and Practical Design】Our golf pull truck areas of strength for accompanies outline and PP with 4 EVA cover wheels, which shows remarkable solidness and dependability. With movable pack lashes the truck can fix most size golf sack.
Versatile】Golf push trucks drink holder and capacity packs included, incorporates capacity net and umbrella mount for adding more.

Very easy to unfold and fold, all around it is easy to push around the course

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Contingent upon how you play golf, some golf truck highlights will be vital to you, while others will be less so.

Number of wheels

One of the principal distinctions you’ll find in golf trucks today is the quantity of wheels. Every choice enjoys a few benefits and impediments.

No matter what the sort you pick, a golf truck with enormous back wheels will actually want to move through tall grass and unpleasant regions more easily than a truck with little wheels. A more extensive wheel base will likewise make the truck less inclined to tipping.

Two-wheel golf trucks

Two-wheel golf trucks were normal ages ago, however inclinations have changed. Notwithstanding, you can in any case discover some available to be purchased today.

Aces: Two-wheel trucks are perfect for amateurs, and the expense is genuinely low.

Cons: Two-wheel trucks are preferred for pulling over pushing, and they’re inclined to tipping. In the event that you have a bigger golf sack, a two-wheel truck may not work for you.

Three-wheel golf trucks

Golf trucks today generally have three wheels: two toward the back and one toward the front. The front wheel generally moves side to side for more straightforward guiding.

Aces: Three-wheel trucks can be pushed or pulled, and they move well through shifted landscape. There is to a lesser extent a possibility tipping than there is with a two-wheel truck, and when not being used, a three-wheel truck overlays minimally.

Con: Three-wheel golf trucks are not so steady as four-wheel golf trucks.

Four-wheel golf trucks

In the event that security is your fundamental need, a four-wheeled plan is your most ideal choice.

Aces: Four-wheel golf trucks are not difficult to and fro. At the point when not being used, they overlay minimally.

Cons: Four-wheel golf trucks don’t move or turn as fast as a few different sorts of trucks, and they can be weighty.

Sort of brake

On the off chance that you need to leave your truck on an incline while arranging a shot, you’ll need a truck with a brake. A few trucks have brakes on all wheels; others have a brake on only one wheel, which isn’t as secure. A few brakes are enacted the hard way; others are initiated by foot, which is somewhat less helpful.


The vast majority need to move their golf truck from home to the course. Search for a model that folds down to a size that will fit in your vehicle. Collapsing ought to be a speedy and simple interaction, yet some golf trucks overlap down more effectively than others. There are models that overlay consequently at the press of a button; these typically cost more.

Pull or push

On the off chance that you wouldn’t fret pulling your golf truck behind you, a two-wheeled plan might meet your requirements. It ordinarily takes more energy to pull a golf truck than to push it, however, and that can accumulate north of 18 holes. Numerous golf players like the adaptability of having the option to push or pull the truck. Three-and four-wheel models turn out better for this.


Some golf trucks have an inherent seat so you can rest while hanging tight for the foursome in front of you to clear the green.


A few golf players like to bring additional dress, an umbrella, or a rangefinder with them while hitting the fairway. A truck with capacity pockets or compartments proves to be useful for conveying miscellaneous items.

In any case, in the event that you currently own a huge golf pack with numerous pockets, you may not require as much extra room in your golf truck.

Additional items

Some golf trucks have holders for a scorecard, refreshment, and umbrella, as well.

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