How Long Does 18 Holes of Golf Take

Have you ever wondered about how long does 18 holes of golf take.

You are not alone. A similar question have been asked by millions of golfers all over the world. Although golf is fun game, it takes time and energy to play 18 holes.

The reason is that golf requires you to walk a lot in the hot weather. Well, let’s go directly to the point.

The answer to the question “How long does 18 holes of golf take” depends on few different factors.

Quick Answer: How long does 18 holes of golf take?

If you want quick answer than this is it: The average round of golf will take between 3 to 5 hours.

This is answer based on only playing time. So it is 5 hours on the course without warming-up or drinks. With these things you can easily spend all day on the course.

Some Factors To Consider

First, let’s talk about the weather. If you are playing on a hot summer day, your round is going to take longer. Hot temperatures mean that you will need more water breaks, which means more time spent off the course. You also might not be able to play as fast because of the heat. Remember that even if it is cold outside, you still need water breaks and rest between shots.

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Next, let’s talk about how many people are in your group and how well they play together as a team. If you have a group of four that rarely gets along and has trouble communicating with each other, then your round will take longer than normal because there will be more arguing about who hit their shot first or whose ball went into the lake on the thirteenth hole instead of discussing good shots or bad shots.

If you are playing with someone who has never played golf before, then it may take longer for them to get their swing down so they can hit their ball consistently rather than just chunking it every time they make contact with the club head

How much time do golf courses leave between tee times?

Pretty high number of golf courses have tee time intervals between seven and eleven minutes apart. Contrary to what it might seem, pace of play tends to be quicker when you tee off twelve minutes apart compared to seven minute intervals.

Teeing off seven minutes after the foursome in front of you means regularly waiting on shots. Quick tee times also lead to bottlenecks, typically on a short stretch of a few difficult holes.

The biggest issue for golf course management is that more golfers get on the course when tee time intervals are closer. In that case they’re able to make more money even though play will be slower.

How much time you need to spend when you play alone?

If you walk on your own everything above four is slow. If you are in golf cart, more than three and a half is too long. Three hours is be perfect.

Golfing alone is when you’re most likely to be hitting more shots and working on new things. This is when pace of play tends to be less of a concern. However, if you’re playing in front of a group and 18 holes of golf is taking as long as it would as part of a full group, you won’t make any friends.

Now let’s see how long 18 holes take when you are in a group?

When you are playing in a group a few things are different than playing alone. When someone plays their shot he/she wants to measure his/her distance so it’s very variable when it’s about time.

If everyone does this, it’ll be about 20 seconds between shots and an extra two minutes or so per hole. Another place this comes into play is on the greens. You can still look from a couple of angles, but you can also get a read on your putt from someone else’s. A better idea of what your ball will do means less putts and less time on the green.

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The “ladies” tees

Golfers need to stop calling the tees with the lowest total yardage the ladies tee. It brings with it a false set of beliefs that only low-skilled female golfers should be using them. They are the forward tees and reserved for the players who score the highest—which has nothing to do with gender.

There are far too many people who pridefully play middle and back tees when they would have a way better time playing the forward tees. Also, do not be afraid to play from a different tee box than the rest of your group.

Lost ball

Losing ball is always happening. even professionals do it. If you are beginner and weekend golfer you will probably lose it much more. And when this happens, play comes to a crawl. You should know rules when this happens it usually happens so it’s good to know.

If the area has stakes the rules are pretty clear. If it’s out of bounds the rules are different.

After you get to the area you expect your ball to be, you have three minutes to search for it. If it is not found after three minutes, you’ve lost your golf ball.

Decide where your ball was lost or entered an out of bounds area.

  • Find a direct line at the hole from this spot.
  • Walk to the edge of the fairway, no nearer to the hole and find the line directly to the hole again.
  • You may drop the ball from knee height anywhere between these two spots, or within two club lengths closer to the fairway and play on.

The penalty is two strokes. For example, if you lose your drive, the next shot you hit will be your fourth.

An important distinction for this rule is it does not apply when a ball is hit into a penalty area. If your ball goes somewhere marked by stakes, you must follow the designated rules for whatever type of hazard it is. You are also not allowed to use this rule if you hit a provisional ball.
If you lost your ball you can use GOLF BALL RETRIEVER.

How should I pick the tees?

When you are picking your tees it’s very important that can affect on your time.

There are a lot of different formulas you need to choose one which is great for you. You can google it to find the best formula.


Golf can take less time when you realize that you are not the only group on the course. When you have that in mind everyone wants to play faster and more effective.

If you want to be responsible player than you need to care more about other golfers. So you want to hurry up yourself at the golf course. It will help everyone on the course.

Ready Golf

When you fall back from the group ahead of you and the group behind you is waiting for you on every shot, play ready golf.

Ready golf is exactly what it sounds like. Playing ready golf speeds up pace of play and closes the gap between you and the group ahead of you. You should consider this any time a group gets more than a full hole ahead of you.

Waving a group up

Par 3’s can have the biggest hold ups, but are also a great opportunity to keep things moving if multiple groups get on board.

After everyone in your group hits their ball onto the green on a par 3, mark them and move to the side. At this point, “wave” the group behind you up. They’ll hit their tee shots and while they walk to the green, you putt out.

When do I write my group scores?

The scorekeeper has an important job, no sense in arguing that. However, a good scorekeeper can really hurt pace of play. They can also chop down pace of play for the group behind them pretty easily.

Do not write your groups scores down while on the green. Don’t even bother asking anyone and leave them standing there, counting one-by-one their shots on the hole just completed.


To conclude, there is no exact way to figure how long a round of golf will take based on stats or personal experience. However, with the hints and tricks above, you should be able to shave off a few minutes here and there. Eventually it will add up. I hope the thoughts above shared with you are in fact beneficial for your next game – good luck!

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