How to Clean Golf Clubs – For Beginners

You need to make sure that all your golf equipment is clean. That is a preserving them for a long time. Golf clubs can be very expensive, so you should keep them clean, trust me it’s better to keeping clubs clean than buying new .

In this article, you will learn everything about cleaning your golf clubs. After reading this article you will be able to clean it by yourself.

What do you actually need to clean your golf clubs?

  • A towel
  • Chrome or steel polish
  • A cloth
  • Warm water
  • Bucket
  • Dishwashing liquid or soap

    We told you everything what you need to clean your golf clubs and now you can follow this guide along.
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How To Clean Your Golf Irons?

Firstly when you want to learn how to clean golf clubs, you need to know how to clean the irons. Your irons cannot perform as designed when they are dirty. If you have dirty in your grooves, your shots will release over the green. If you keep your irons clean it will improve your game drasticly!

Here is a best way to clean the irons:
1. Make a bucket full of warm water and fill the bucket just enough to cover your club heads. Don’t use hot water as it may loosen the club head from the shaft through the ferrules which join the two together.

2. You need to add 2 teaspoons of mild soap to the bucket of water.

3. Soak your dirty club heads into the soapy, warm water for 10 minutes so the dirt from your club heads can be loosen and be taken off easily in the next step.

4. In this step you need to take your brush and to make clear everything by yourself. I suggest you to take each head and to take off dirt in every corner of the club.

5. You need to make sure that you scrub all areas of your club heads – the back, front and bottom, including each individual groove. If the grooves are not cleaned properly – they will affect a lot in your game, so make sure that this step is completed thoroughly.

6. After you brushed all things that you need, next step is to wash them to put them under the water. You need to be careful with some areas like shaft and grips of your club.

7. Next step is to dry them with towel. You must to make it super dry because it will rust if you don’t do it the right way.

8. If you want to make the towels super good and nice and new you can polish them.

9. Than, make sure that you removed all of polish you done in the last step.

Extra Tip: Pay attention when you on the course on grooves of your irons.

How Can You Clean Wooden Clubs?

In these days not big number of players are playing with wooden clubs. I personally like these wooden clubs so I love to clean them from time to time. In my case I don’t clean them usually because it doesn’t get a lot of mud. Sometimes it’s very nice to clean them it doesn’t hurt! I hope that you know that these clubs shouldn’t be dipped in the water.

Dow here I will explain how to clean them just in a few steps so you will learn that exactly from this article!

  1. Get a bucket of warm water and dip a cloth into it so the cloth becomes damp.
  2. Carefully wipe down your wooden clubhead to take the dirt off.
  3. When your club head is clean, be sure to dry it with a towel.

How To Clean Metal Woods?

For metal woods drivers and fairway woods, the cleaning process is little bit different. It is pretty logically because you can’t just put wood into the water.

  1. Get a bucket of warm water and dip a cloth into it so the cloth becomes damp.
  2. Carefully wipe down your wooden clubhead to take the dirt off.
  3. When your club head is clean, be sure to dry it with a towel.

How Can You Clean Golf Club Shafts?

This part of a golf club is also very important, you need to clean it correctly! Golf club shafts can be prone to a dirt. If you want to remove the any dirt, you must use a dump cloth to clean and also to clear any dirty place on it. After you clean it you must dry it out with a towel. If you want to see beautiful images from the course you can click HERE.

If you have any problems with rust and you want to clean it off just apply this simple tricks!
You need to apply some vinegar on the shaft with a cloth and slowly remove any residue, being careful not to scratch the shaft. After you done this make sure to dry the shaft from the vinegar.

How To Clean Golf Club Grips Correctly

The grips of a golf club can be very important in a game so you want to keep them clear all the time! Be sure to clean your golf club grips often, preferably after each time you play. The process of cleaning golf grips is very simple you just need a dam cloth and then when you have it just wipe it over the grips. After that just get a water and wash it carefully. Don’t use warm water. At the end just dry it with a towel.

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Additional Ways To Keep Your Clubs Performing Well

After you learnt how to clean all your golf clubs, you can take this additional ways just to keep your golf clubs well. Now, you will see some of the ways:


If you play a lot of golf, your grips will get destroyed quicker than the heads on your irons. You can just regrip a club for ~$15. If the only thing wrong with your clubs is slick grips, save some money and just address the part (the grip) that needs to be fixed. For example you wouldn’t buy a new car because of worn tires .


New driver can cost $400 or maybe more. It is pretty good idea to keep it safe than to buy a new one. I think that head cover is good investment.


Many of us play golf on a rainy day. That can’t be an excuse to not cover them and save. I hope that you will save them next time.


Now, when you know hot to clean your golf clubs you can enjoy this beautiful sport even more. I hope that this article was useful and also I would like to hear you comments. See you on next post. I think THIS will be very interesting

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